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Tric F frames

The TRIC F racking system convinces with top quality materials, intelligent detail solutions and a well thought out overall concept. Special attention was paid in its development to various racking situations. Flat or sloping roofs or a challenging variation like diagonal installation on sloping roofs present no problems.

Small material input, fast and secure installation: Less is more. Optimally harmonized components, thought through to the last detail, form a structurally sound system requiring less than usual material input.

Guaranteed fast, simple and safe installation: The racking triangles are completely pre-assembled. They arrive folded in space-saving packages and just need to be opened up and bolted in place at the project site.

A video outlining the assembly procedure can be found here

Versatile collector inclinations: The TRIC F 15, TRIC F 30 and TRIC F 45 systems can be installed steplessly with inclinations of 15° to 60°.



NoDescriptionStock CodePrice
1tricfTricF Diagonal Cross Bar Set: Tric F (15/30/45) and EURO Tri
2tricf40mm Alu Profile Only Black8ECBLANK-29010178
3tricf40mm Alu profile only8ECBLANK-29010177
4tricfTRIC F Landscaped for 1 module (Clamp Profiles Not Included)3TFL-21905043
5tricfTricF 15 (1 triangle including fittings) 3TF15-21905002
6tricfTricF 30 (1 triangle including fittings) 3TF30-21905002
7tricfTricF 45 (1 triangle including fittings) 3TF45-21905003