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Tric F Box

TRIC F box is a mounting system for all common industrial flat roofs. The lightweight design extends the possible photovoltaic installation. It defines a new gold standard for roof utilization and assembly speed, maximizing the economic efficiency.

Highest roof utilization for more economic efficiency

TRIC F box: East/west orientation: up to 95% roof utilization TRIC F box: Southern orientation up to 65% roof utilization

Very fast installation saves time: Intelligent mounting system with very few components that can be installed in simple steps using only two tools. Saves at least 50% time. Can be installed independently of the panel installation schedule.

A video outlining the installation procedure can be seen here

Optimal roof utilization: The vertical panel orientation and their gently inclined pitch of only 10° maximize the used roof area.

Lightweight design – reduced structural roof load: Aerodynamically optimized and wind tunnel tested system components significantly reduce the weight (approx. 20 kg/kWp). Consequently the structural roof load is reduced by approx. 12 kg/m2.

Especially suited for high wind and snow loads: The rail compound of the mounting boxes assures the exceptional stability of the entire racking system. Therefore the TRIC F box is well suited for deployment in regions with high wind and snow loads.

Non-destructive installation: The racking system features a non-destructive installation – penetrating the roof is not required.

Flexible alignment: Choice of either southern or east west panel orientation with a single system. Suitable for all common industrial roofs in combination with appropriate protective underlays.

Also required: Module clamps, HDC rail for module mounting – see Tric mounting rails for available rail lengths, LDC rail for box installation.




NoDescriptionStock CodePrice
1tricf-boxTRICF Box – Alu sheet metal box (TRAY WITHOUT CROSS CONNECTIONS)3TFBOX-21905074
2 tricf-boxTRIC F Box smooth back plate (length 2m)3TFBOX-21905076
3 tricf-boxTRIC F Box building protection standard (2 per box)3TFBOX-21905084
4 tricf-boxCross connector set, AF 153CROSS-21970728
5 tricf-boxTRIC F Box building protection alu coated (2 per box)3TFBOX-21905083