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Free Solar Panels


The Ghana Energy Commission has begun the implementation of a Capital Subsidy Scheme where FREE solar panels up to a maximum capacity of 500Watts peak are given to residential beneficiaries.  The aim is to help take the residential lighting load off the grid with the use of solar PV technology.(Read Full Announcement Here)

Who can be a Beneficiary

All residential facilities (Homes) in Ghana.


Before you can benefit from this, you must first show evidence that you have installed the components that will make solar generation possible. Prospective beneficiaries must satisfy the following conditions:
1.    Change all lamps in their facility to LED lamps;
2.    Be willing to purchase BoS Components (batteries, charge controllers, inverter, changeover switch and wires)
3.    Agree that the installation of the BoS will be done before the supply /installation of the solar PV panels  from the Programme;
4.    Install only deep cycle batteries designed for solar PV systems;
5.    Ensure that BoS meet the minimum Standards set by Ghana Standards Authority (GSA); and
6.    Use only solar PV installers licensed by the Energy Commission for all the installation works.

At Crown Solar Power, we have all these components such as inverter, batteries, charge controllers, LED lamps etc and the technical skills required for you to meet the requirements and as such qualify for the FREE solar panels.

If you are interested, kindly CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FORM AND EMAIL TO US [] OR fill the form below or call us on us on 024-298 4644/024-298 6036/030-281 3127. We will contact you within 48 hours to help you meet all the requirement as well as connect you with participating banks that can cover the cost of installations of the BoS components. 

Free Solar Power